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The lithium sulphide and copper sulphide alloy is a very efficient semiconductor for thermoelectric transducers with approximate EMF 530 µV/K. Lithium is used in production of anodes for chemical power sources, such as Li-Cl batteries, and galvanic cells with solid electrolyte, reserve cells and other ones based on nonaqueous liquid and solid-state electrolytes.

Lithium carbonate is very important accessory in aluminum metallurgy.

Lithium is a very efficient alloying element which raises the strength-to-weight ratio and elastic limit of alloys it is added in and lowers the alloys density.

Lithium boranate is the most capacious hydrogen source in field conditions (4.1 m3 hydrogen from 1 kg of lithium boranate); it is also used as a launch engine fuel.

Lithium fluoride single-crystal is employed in high-efficiency (with 80% performance coefficient) lasers.

Lithium alloys with Silver and Gold are used as a flux to promote the fusing of metals during welding and soldering. Alloys of the metal with manganese, scandium, copper, cadmium, and aluminium are new very prospective materials used to make high performance aircraft and space ships parts.

Lithium-caesium triborate is a non-linear optics crystal used in radio electronics. Lithium niobate LiNbO3 and talantate LiTaO3 single crystals are nonlinear optics materials also makes a good choice for nonlinear optics, acoustooptics and optoelectronics.

Lithium salts such as lithium etc. are used in mental health as a treatment of some mental illnesses as well as mood stabilizers.

Lithium compounds are used for fabrics bleaching in fabric industry, food canning in food industry, and for cosmetics production in pharmacology. Lithium stearate ("lithium soap") is a common all-purpose high-temperature lubricant.

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